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The Entrepreneurship Maker Masterclass introduces you to the Entrepreneurial journey, from finding an idea to launching it in a target market, creating awareness and traction in the marketplace, to raising capital for your venture. You will learn about You as an individual and what it takes to be an Entrepreneur, and in the world of business to understand practically key functions such as-People, Resources, Skills in Sales, BD, Marketing, Finance, Management/Leadership and more, to manage your start-up to give yourself the best chance for success and minimise failure in the early years.

Who is this for?


The content and framework in our course is based on over 50 years combined business experience from the corporate world, startups, and other real-life “ coal face” experiences. We bring many years of learning (and mistakes!) so that you can maximise the success of your business venture from month 1 and beyond.

You will learn from actual entrepreneurs in the group, as opposed to academics/facilitators /professional trainers who have never set up and ran a business. We show you How and less of What! This is experiential learning not theoretical.

What you'll learn:


  1. What makes a successful Entrepreneur and appreciate the Risks and Rewards of entrepreneurship
  2. How to structure, fund & launch your business. How to Identify and Evaluate an idea, how to Assess/Test the market
  3. Developing your Business Plan, Marketing and business strategy to acquire more customers and raise revenues
  4. Understand how key functions drive your business: People, Finance, Sales, BD, Marketing, Management, etc.
  5. Learn from and share experiences with other entrepreneurs in an open and interactive environment.

Who will benefit from this Masterclass?


  • New or aspiring entrepreneurs with a business idea, or Small Business owners
  • Someone who is looking to gain an understanding of how businesses are set up and run. Innovators, Marketers , etc.
  • A Start Up business to more experienced businesses under 3-4 years

We invite you to the online masterclass.

The objective will be to show you how to set up and run your business.


Learn-Connect- Achieve

Saturday , 22nd May 2021  - 10am to 5pm

5pm to 6pm Q&A 


What you will learn:


-ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Types, You, Your Skills and Mindset? Risks and Rewards , Are you Ready?

-BUSINESS MODELS: Structures in business ownership; Business Models, Funding Models

-BUSINESS IDEA VALIDATION: Product or Service Validation, Market Research, Test market

-RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS: Marketing & Business Planning Strategies & Operations;


-Customer Segmentation, Operations, Pricing, Competitors, Budgeting, Multi-Channel Marketing, Lead Generation Strategies.

-RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS: Sales & Business Development, Sales Processes, Customer engagement channels, Performance Management

-RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS: management and leadership, HR, The Boss role & responsibilities, Financials,

-LAUNCH STRATEGIES: Making it Happen, Pre and post launching business operations and management


I want to start now - £500
Faisal Talpur is a Serial Entrepreneur, who over the last 13 years has built 5 businesses in 5 different industry sectors across 4 countries providing 200 products and services. 
He started all his ventures from scratch and build a network of highly powerful contacts around every business to support and sustain his businesses.
His initial struggles made him realise that business is very difficult unless you consciously do certain things to make it easy, he turned this into deep research and started coming up with formulas, blueprints, and frameworks to enable him to run several businesses simultaneously without much hassle.  
Along with running his businesses, he now teaches other Entrepreneurs the specific mechanics that make businesses happen. He is the most sought after turnaround and growth specialist in the Entrepreneur Space. 
He has worked with people from 20 different nations and clients across several industry sectors from Small Businesses to Large Organisations and Government Departments.  


He is best known as the tactical problem-solver and out of the box thinker who loves creative ways to find solutions to pressing problems.​

CEO and Founder

Cinch Group of Companies



"I started a business and the support that Faisal provided to me, there can be no monetary value to it, it was priceless."

Benjamin Humble

"This mentor-ship has created such a positive dynamic energy and an awareness in me."

Irene Gotora

"I was quite glad I found Faisal, because he is very inspiring, resourceful and knowledgeable and he introduced me to the Entrepreneur Maker program."

David Nudelman, Click Enterprise

"It is very interactive which is excellent as you can ask questions and get answers in a "safe" environment,. There was open group discussion where we could express examples and draw on real life experiences. We need more time to explore the thoughts & ideas that came out of this "mini" taster course."

Senior NHS Primary Care Manager

"I found him to be extremely professional, talented , personable , very easy to speak to and confide in."

Bilkis Mahmood, Blackstone Law